Amtrak Downeaster
The Amtrak downeaster

Service type

Regional rail


New England


Boston, MA


Brunswick, ME


145 mi (233 km)

Rolling stock

Amfleet coaches

Track gauge

4 ft 8 1⁄2 in (1,435 mm)

Maximum speed

79 m/ph (127 km/h)

Track owners

MBTA, Pan Am Railways


Downeaster Cafe, which serves simple food.

The Amtrak Downeaster is an Amtrak train that runs from Brunswick to Boston, MA.



Southbound Weekday ScheduleEdit

Amtrak Downeaster Timetable (Southbound Weekday)
Station 680 682 684 686 688
Brunswick - 7:00am - - 6:25pm
Freeport - 7:15am - - 6:40pm
Portland 5:20am 7:55am 12:40pm 2:35pm 7:20pm
Old Orchard Beach 5:35am 8:10am 12:55pm 2:50pm 7:35pm
Saco 5:42am 8:17am 1:00pm 2:57pm 7:42pm
Wells 5:59am 8:34am 1:17pm 3:14pm 7:59pm
Dover, NH 6:17am 8:52am 1:35pm 3:32pm 8:17pm
Durham-UNH, NH 6:25am 9:00am1:43pm 3:40pm 8:25pm
Exeter, NH 6:39am 9:13am 1:56pm 3:53pm 8:38pm
Haverhill, MA 7:00am 9:34am2:19pm 4:14pm9:01pm
Woburn/Anderson, MA D 7:29amD10:03am D2:48pm D 4:43pmD 9:33pm
Boston, MA7:50am 10:25am 3:10pm 5:05pm 9:55pm

Southbound Weekend ScheduleEdit

Amtrak Downeaster Timetable (Southbound Weekend)
Station 690 692 694 696 698
Brunswick - 7:25am - - 6:25pm
Freeport - 7:40am - - 6:40pm
Portland 6:00am 8:20am 1:05pm 3:05pm 7:20pm
Old Orchard Beach 6:15am 8:35am 1:20pm 3:20pm 7:35pm
Saco 6:22am 8:42am 1:27pm3:27pm 7:42pm
Wells 6:39am 8:59am 1:45pm3:44pm 7:59pm
Dover, NH 6:57am 9:17am 2:02pm 4:02pm 8:17pm
Durham-UNH, NH 7:04am 9:25am2:10pm 4:10pm 8:25pm
Exeter, NH 7:17am 9:38am 2:23pm 4:23pm 8:38pm
Haverhill, MA 7:37am 9:59am2:44pm 4:44pm8:58pm
Woburn/Anderson, MA D8:06amD10:28am D3:13pm D5:13pmD 9:27pm
Boston, MA8:25am 10:50am 3:35pm 5:05pm 9:50pm

Northbound Weekday ScheduleEdit

Amtrak Downeaster Timetable (Northbound Weekday)
Station 681 683 685 687 689
Boston, MA 9:05am 11:25am - - 6:25pm
Woburn/Anderson, MAR 9:23amR 11:43am R 5:18pm R 6:23pmR, F 11:43pm
Haverhill, MA 9:53am 12:12pm 5:48pm 6:52pm F 12:13am
Exeter, NH10:14am 12:32pm 6:09pm 7:12pm F 12:34am
Durham-UNH, NH10:27am 12:45pm 6:22pm 7:25pm F 12:47am
Dover, NH 10:35am 12:52pm 6:30pm 7:32pmF 12:55am
Wells, ME 10:53am 1:10pm 6:48pm7:50pmF 1:13am
Saco, ME 11:10am1:28pm7:05pm 8:06pm F 1:27am
Old Orchard Beach, ME 11:17am 1:35pm 7:12pm 8:13pm 1:32am
Portland, ME 11:45am 1:55pm7:35pm 8:35pm1:50am
Freeport, ME 12:15am- 8:05pm --
Brunswick, ME12:30am- 8:20pm--