Here at the Maine Wiki, we have rules on how to format articles. Please take a look before editing.

Cities and townsEdit

City articles should be formatted like this:


|town manager=
|zip_code(s)= {{Zip|the zip code(s)}}


The article should be as so:

'''The city name''' is a city/town in [[The county name]].
In this section, write a small description about the town/city.
{{ShortDemo|White|the number of white people|the percentage (no %)|Black|number of black people|the percentage (no %)}}
*The mayor of the city
:*Councilour 1
:*Conucilour 2
:*Councilour 3
{{Voting|The city/town name|The no affiliation voters|The percentage of no affiliation voters|The democratic voter number|The democratic voter percentage|The republican voter number|The republican voter percentage|The green party voter number|The green party voter percentage}}
<!--Remember to add yours to this one -->  {{Cities}}

The categories that should be added are listed here.

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